Sunday, May 17, 2009

KahKah! Woi! Balik Kampung La Wei!

An Associated Press photographer captured Army specialist Zachary Boyd fighting off a Taliban ambush in Afghanistan in the pink "I Love NY" underwear.

Boyd, who is from Fort Worth, Texas, said he was in his sleeping quarters at Firebase Restrepo in the Korengal Valley of Afghanistan's Kunar province when the Taliban attacked, forcing him to take up a defensive position while clad only in his helmet, protective vest, a T-shirt and his pink boxer shorts.

The soldier's mother, Sheree Boyd, said her son called Monday night to tell her his picture might be in the New York Times.

"He said, 'I hear the NY Times is what they put on the president's desk,'" she said. "Then he told us, 'I may not have a job anymore after the president has seen me out of uniform.'"


*kahkah! Woi! Apebende ni?

hahaha..Cakap 'Police of The World'!

Wei..mane ade polis pegi kerje pakai 'underwear'..

hahaha..tulis 'I love NY' plak tuh..kaler pink lagik..

oi..balik kampung tolong mak kau lagi molek..

-kawe anok mak..


hakimahhh. said...

huhu, ni yg dkt paper siang td kan.
neway, selalunya dr juanda jaya pny artikel dia dkt suratkhabar ape eh?

Amr said...

Kat paper tad.. klakar klakar klakar..

Dr Juanda? Oh, itu slalunya disiar di Berita Harian.. ado.. cube tgk..